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Make It Boxes

Recipe kits delivered to your door

Choose from either a single box as a gift or subscribe to a box delilvery every month for your MiniChef.  Each box will contain all of the dry ingredients needed for the bake, along with a step by step recipe card.

The sustainability of the packaging is extremely important to us, all boxes & packaging materials are recyclable, with all the ingredient bags being biodegradable. 

How it works

Each month we will create a different recipe.  You can check them out here.

All boxes are sent out on the 14th of each month.

Please order at least 1 week in advance for that months recipe.   

What is in the box?

All of the pre weighed dry ingredients along with a recipe card to have fun baking! There will be a
record book where you can make a note of what you loved and what skills you learnt during the

Your MiniChef will have so much fun making their recipes they won't even realise they are learning at the same time, but just to help you each recipe card come with tips for adults on how to guide the children.

Baking Ingredients

This months recipe

Each month we create a recipe for you designed to bring fun & laughter into your kitchen. 

We hope your MiniChefs have as much fun making them as we did.

See below for what's in store!

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