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We hope that we have answered your queries below, but if we haven't please do drop us an email of give us a call, we would be more than happy to help.

Cooking Classes
Make It Boxes

Cooking Classes

Cookery Class FAQ
What should I bring?

Just the children!! I will provide all the ingredients, equipment, recipes and aprons!!

Do I leave them?

Yes! Drop off at 4pm and they will be ready for collection at 5.15pm with their creations!

What days does the club run?

Throughout the school year on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays - there is not an after school club during the school holidays



How much does it cost?

After School Club - £50 per calendar month

Workshops - £25 per session attended


Are Classes age related?

Classes are held in sessions according to age

As well as learning about the food, these lessons will include some educational information about food groups and the importance they play in a healthy, balanced diet.


Make It Boxes

Make It Boxes FAQ
Do you cater for allergies?
Yes – boxes can be sent with gluten-free ingredients just make a note of any allergies when placing the order

How old does the recipient have to be?
Boxes are catered for all ages, however, there may need to be a little help or supervision with any electrical items or use of the oven

When will the box be sent?
Boxes are shipped on the 14th of every month and take 2-3 business days to arrive

How will I know what wet ingredients to buy?
Before your box is shipped, you will receive an email advising what extra ingredients are needed

What does the box look like?
The recyclable distinctive red box is delivered with the ingredients pre weighed and labelled in numbered bags, all wrapped in recyclable tissue paper

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